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(NC)-When we think of the word "fit," what comes to most people's minds is strength and flexibility. When exercise specialists describe fitness, however, they take five different categories into consideration: body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and aerobic fitness.

Body Composition refers to how your body is made up - your height relative to your weight, the percentage of fat relative to the percentage of muscle.

Flexibility refers to your range of motion - what's your ability to bend in various ways without doing yourself harm.

Muscular Strength refers to the greatest amount of force a particular group of muscles can produce - for example, the greatest weight you are capable of lifting just once.

Muscular Endurance is different. It refers to your ability to produce a moderate force over a longer period of time. An example is lifting half of your maximum four times per minute for a few minutes.

Aerobic Fitness is different again. It refers to your body's ability to perform low-intensity tasks over a long period of time.

When you injure your back it's usually because you have done something that requires you to be fitter than you are in one, or more, of these various categories. So when you think about becoming fitter, try to consider your lifestyle and the types of activities you ask your body to do. For more information visit

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